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• BBC Solar and More, we provide a solution based on the award-winning bioremediation technology developed by Drylet, a Houston-based company, and on the water treatment technology of our partners NanO2 and LM Technology.

Algae bloom bioremediation performed by Drylet at Mammoth Lake Dive Park in Lake Jackson, Texas (click for more info):

Before Treatment

After 5 Months

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Proven Clean Water Solution

  • Proprietary microbe-delivery platform adds carefully selected microbes in the system to starve the algae of the nutrients that fuel its growth.
  • Only one application required as Drylet’s technology ensures sustained microbial activity over time.
  • Introduction of oxygen via NanO2 mobile units accelerates microbial activity.
  • Once waterways are clean, begin maintenance phase of operation for continued algae control.