Commercial Solar/Utility Scale


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Enhance Your Company’s Image

Call BBC Solar and More for commercial solar & utility-scale solutions

Do you want to reduce your reliance on energy companies? BBC Solar and More can aid in your transition to solar energy. We specialize in off-grid applications and grid-tied solar energy systems for federal, state and local government use. We can design and install a feasible alternative energy system for your organization. Not only will you benefit from independent energy solutions, but you will also benefit from working with a locally owned and operated solar energy contractor. Call BBC Solar and More today to make the switch to solar.

Discover the Benefits of a Custom-Designed System

With a solar energy system, you can reduce electric/fuel costs, meet energy-efficiency directives and take advantage of rebates, incentives and tax credits from the federal government. BBC Solar and More specializes in:

  • Solar outdoor LED lighting
  • Ground-mounted systems
  • Commercial solar systems

Collectively, our team has over a decade of experience with sales, marketing, project management, design, engineering, construction and installation. We’ve incorporated new systems in national parks, zoos, industrial, federal, state and local government facilities plus many others. Take advantage of the endless benefits of solar energy, all while giving back to the planet. Discuss your options with BBC Solar and More today.